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International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. Section

2010 - 2011

Prepared user questionnaires, conducted on-site user interviews, authored portions of GIS strategic plan and enterprise GIS implementation reports, developed enterprise GIS geodatabase design, and assisted with the GIS data development/conversion effort.

SRI, Inc.


Developed Python geoprocessing scripts for and processed 1 meterLiDAR raster data using ArcGIS Desktop and Spatial Analyst for Sakakawea, Francis Case, and Oahe reservoirs located in North Dakota as part of an effort to programmatically calculate beach and bank erosion rates along each reservoir for the United States Corp of Engineers.

Fort Bliss Army Base,

Directorate of Public Works,

Compliance Branch


Prepared an assessment of GIS data requirements and a GIS data conversion workplan for incorporating environmental data maintained by the Directorate of Public Works - Compliance Branch, into SDSFIE compliant layers housed in the Ft. Bliss enterprise ArcSDE geodatabase.

Fort Bliss Army Base


Provided hydrologic modeling and terrain analysis of 1.5 meter LIDAR remote sensing raster data for a 66 1:24,000 quad area surrounding the Fort Bliss Army Base using ArcGIS Desktop, ArcSDE for SQL Server, and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.Analytical products created include a vegetation canopy height model, drainage basin delineation, surface flow direction and accumulation, and raster dataset mosaics for use with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.

North Texas Tollway Authority

2008 - 2009

Oversaw GIS implementation, operation, and management including project and contract staff management, strategic and implementation planning, system and database design, data conversion, database quality control, system administration, database administration, training, application development, and technical support.

Chase Environmental Group, Inc.


2005 - 2007

Provided GIS data conversion, data acquisition, digitization, GIS database design, analysis, custom programming, and hardcopy map generation in support of environmental remediation projects

HMC Associates, Inc.

2004 - Present

Provided ArcGIS 9.x technical support, data acquisition, analysis, modeling, and custom VB.NET/ArcObjects application development services in support of HMC Associates' custom property appraisal information reporting services for clients in Franklin County, Kentucky

HMN 127, LLC.


Provided ArcGIS 9.x data conversion, hydrologic modeling, custom programming, map production, and expert testimony for the client in support of a major rezoning request in Franklin County, Kentucky

Nashville Electric Service

1996 - 2004

Provided Electric Distribution Database Design, AutoCAD to ArcInfo Translation, ArcInfo/ArcGIS to ABB CADOPS Interface Development, Quality Control, ArcInfo and ArcView Application Development including Complex GIS Database Maintenance Application, ArcIMS Implementation, GIS Strategic Planning, GIS Technical Support, and Training

St. Louis County Department of Revenue

2001 - 2002

Prepared a Detailed GIS System Migration Study and Assisted With the Migration of the County’s Property Records and Maps from Intergraph MGE to ESRI ArcGIS. Developed Custom Applications Integrated with the NovaLIS Parcel Editor v3.4.1. Also Provided Quality Control and Map Generation Assistance.

St. Louis County Department of Revenue

2002 - 2003

Prepared ArcGIS Geodatabase Design, Migrated ArcInfo 7.x and NovaLIS Parcel Editor 3.4.1 to ArcGIS 8.3 and NovaLIS Parcel Editor 8.x, and Developed Custom Parcel Editing Commands Integrated With ArcMap and Parcel Editor Using Visual Basic .NET and ArcObjects

Federal Highway Administration – Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division

2002 - 2004

Prepared ArcGIS Geodatabase Design for National Park Service Pilot Road Inventory Program and Bridge Inspection GIS, Geodatabase Creation and Setup for Linear Features and Network, ArcIMS and ArcGIS ArcView Custom Interface Development for National Park Highway Network, and Developed Technical Documentation, Provided ArcGIS Custom Training

Barren River Area Development District


Provided GIS Technical Support and UNIX System Administration, Software Installation, Sun Solaris Hardware Configuration, and ArcInfo‚ Technical Assistance.

Day and Zimmerman Information Solutions GIS/CLT

1996 - 1997

Provided Custom ArcInfo Training and AutoCAD to ArcInfo Data Conversion Programming Assistance – Also Provided GIS Software Installation for Gwinnett County, Georgia

Kentucky River Authority


Provided ArcStorm Database Creation, ArcView Application Development, Data Dictionary Preparation, and Training

Pike County, Kentucky

1997, 2000

Conducted Detailed GIS Needs Assessment, Implementation Recommendations, and Prepared Preliminary GIS Database and System Design and Cost Estimates. In 2000, Developed a Custom Street Address Data Entry Application using ArcView and Avenue and Trained Users on the use of the Application

St. Charles County, Missouri


Conducted Detailed GIS Needs Assessment, Implementation Recommendations, and Prepared Preliminary GIS Database and System Design and Cost Estimates

Yavapai County, Arizona

1994 - 1997

Provided GIS Database Design, Quality Control, ArcInfo and ArcView Application Development, Custom Training, and Technical Support

Medina County, Ohio


Developed ArcView Public Access GIS Application

Sandia National Lab

1994 - 1997

Provided ArcView and ArcInfo Application Development for EIIS, the Energy Intelligence Information System used to Globally Track Nuclear Materials

Ohio Department of Natural Resources


Conducted Detailed GIS/CADD Situation Assessment and Prepared Recommendations for Better Departmental Integration of GIS

Lexington Fayette Urban County Government


Developed ArcView Application to Support Assignment of Addresses to Horse Farm Fire Gate Locations

Miami Valley Regional Planning Consortium


Conducted Customized Training on the Use of ArcInfo Network Dynamic Segmentation

PlanNet GIS/Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission

1999, 2001

Conducted ArcView Avenue Training. In 2001, Prepared an RFP for a new Permitting Application and Assisted with Proposal Reviews

Richland County, Ohio


Provided Migration from Microstation to ArcView; Developed ArcInfo to ArcView Data Translation Application

State of Kentucky, Office of GIS

1997 - 1998

Conducted ArcView Avenue Training

City of St. Peters, Missouri


Developed an Automated Plotting Procedure for this Legacy MGE Site Using Intergraph’s IPLOT v.8 and MicroStation Basic.

American Geographic Data, Inc.


Developed Custom ArcView Application for the Federal Aviation Administration to Determine the Environmental Impact of Off-Airport FAA Sites

Badger Army Ammunition Plant

1998 - 2003

Conducted GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for Environmental Remediation, GIS System Migration, GIS Custom Applications Development for Monitoring Remediation Progress and Accessing Analyte Results. Bluegrass GIS is Currently the GIS Outsource Contractor for Badger AAP.

Dyess Air Force Base- 7th Bomb Wing

1998 - 2004

Conducted GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for Civil Engineering; GIS Implementation Assistance; Utilities and Telecommunications Data Conversion/Feature Attribution; GIS Training; Technical Assistance; and Customization of the Dyess GIS.

Eau Claire County Planning & Development Department


Prepared Property Data Conversion RFP

Ellsworth Air Force Base

1999, 2001

Migrated Large Scale Mapping for Entire Site into Intergraph MGE 7 and Oracle 7.3 while Conforming to Tri-Services Spatial Data Standard (TSSDS). In 2001, Performed Gas and Water Utilities Conversion from CAD to GIS

Ft. McCoy GIS Project

1998 - 2004

Conducted GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan, GIS Implementation Assistance – Migrated GIS from MGE to ArcView/Geomedia, Converted Water, Sewer, Gas, and Electric Utilities from Manual and Survey Sources into Fully Attributed, Connected Networks for ArcView. Currently Developing Custom Applications for the Fire Dept. and Civil Engineers. Bluegrass GIS Project Manager Served as the GIS Coordinator for this Army Training Base.

Pierson Graphics Corp.


Provided GIS Situation Assessment, Conceptual Design, Implementation Plan, CAD/GIS Standards, and GIS Pilot Project Implementation

Minnesota DOT

1997 - 1998

Conducted GIS Needs Assessment and Detail Implementation Plan for a State-wide DOT GIS

St. Louis Lambert International Airport


Developed Customized Plotting Atlas Within MGE/IPLOT

San Jose Water Company


Provided GIS Application Development Using MicroStation Basic, Visual Basic, & MDL, Hardware/Software Design / RFP Authoring / Vendor Selection Assistance

Republic of Armenia


Provided GIS Implementation Services for the City of Yerevan’s Architect’s Office, and the National Survey of Seismic Protection including On-site Installation and Training

R.W. Parsons Engineering and Environmental Services


Configured Intergraph ERMA Project to Support Subsurface Modeling and Data Storage for Multiple Remediation Sites

Sultanate of Oman, National Survey Administration


Conducted Assessment of National GIS Project for IMTAC

Iowa DOT


Prepared Physical Design and Functional Requirements Definition of a Linear Referencing System

Maxim Technologies


Provided MGE NT Site Hardware/Software Procurement Assistance; Introduction to Microstation for Mappers and Introduction to MGE Training

St. Louis County Department of Highways

2000 - 2001

Conducted a Comprehensive GIS Needs Assessment, Cost-Benefit Analysis, GIS System and Database Design, and GIS Implementation Plan Study

Henderson County Emergency Management – Property Address Coordinator


Provided ArcView 3.2 to ArcGIS 8.2 Applications Migration Coding. Automated Addressing Range and Assignment Applications Written in Avenue were Rewritten in Visual Basic and ArcObjects.

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resource – Ohio Geological Survey


Custom application development and geodatabase design on ArcGIS 8.2. Applications included vector and raster data retrieval and custom plot generation for coverage of bedrock topography and geology statewide.

Romanian Ministry of Waters and Environmental Protection – Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology


Hydrologic modeling GIS needs assessment and detailed GIS implementation plan with a nationwide scope. USTDA contract through Burgess and Niple.

Columbus County, NC


Land Records Public Access System application development on ArcView 3.2

Sears Termite and Pest Control


Sales region definition and choropleth mapping project for 85 sales districts in 15 states.

Vanderburgh County, IN


Land Records Public Access System application development and land records quality control system built on Microsoft Access 2000.

Federated Department Stores

2000 - 2001

Custom application extension development on ArcView 3.2 focused on building a simple, intuitive interface to perform and manage complex analysis procedures for store location analysis and customer information/sales and trends.

3DI Inc. Wilmington

2000 - 2001

Application development on ArcView 3.2 focused on automated address ranging for street centerlines, vector data validation and repair, and data population quality control. Applications included automated truck map generation and gazetteer/index compilation.

US Army Corps of Engineers – Wilmington District


Conducted Permit Tracking GIS application development project for a statewide coverage using ArcView 3.2/Avenue.

Arnold Air Force Base

2002 - 2003

Prepared ArcGIS Geodatabase Design, UML Development for Schema Creation, ArcSDE/Oracle/Oracle Spatial Database Setup, ArcGIS Custom Application Development, and Conducted ArcGIS Custom Training

GRW Aerial Surveys, Inc.


Developed and conducted a three day ArcObjects introductory training class. Curriculum included practical application and solutions to develop conversion tools used in the day to day activities.

U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command Geo-Integration Office

2002 - 2003

Provided on-site staff support to implement GeoBase Strategic Plan for Dyess AFB

BHE Environmental, Inc.


Installed and configured UNIX based ArcIMS project site.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District

2001 - 2004

Conducted Needs Assessment and implemented GIS within the district in support of the District Project sites. Application development of file management application and data retrieval tools.  Provided on-site GDS Coordinator support for the District’s enterprise GIS implementation.  Responsibilities included user support, training, data conversion, application development, and implementation planning.



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